Volunteer Appreciation Spotlight: The Douglas Family

May 2, 2023

As we wrap up national Volunteer Appreciation month, Epilepsy Durham Region has taken some time to reflect on what our volunteers mean to our effectiveness, the support we are able to provide, and ultimately the overall success of our organization. As a small staffed non-profit, Epilepsy Durham Region knows that we would not be where we are without the dedication, passion, and kindness of our volunteers. Simply put, volunteers are the backbone of Epilepsy Durham Region, helping it to thrive, have its heart shine through and its mission delivered, and we would like to take some time to highlight the commitment of a local family that personifies the goodwill, motivation, and philanthropy of volunteerism – the Douglas family.

Epilepsy Durham Region could not be more grateful for our connection to the Douglas family – Cris, Robyn, Ryan, Matt, and Kyle. Their generosity is equally matched by their upbeat energy, and innovation. No matter the initiative, event, or ask, members of the Douglas family are first in line to offer advice, skill sets, time, and a hand. They have played a pivotal role in Epilepsy Durham Region launching new, successful events, and offer a sounding board as we look to strengthen our organizational goals and direction. Most recently, their kindness has been felt in a huge way as we have adapted to recover from the pandemic and our transition away from our office space; with every turn they offer their support, space when we need it, and even the boxes to house our belongings.

The Douglas family motivation, drive, and commitment to community is unparalleled and the impact of their generosity is seen in the success of our programs, and the faces of the families with epilepsy that we help. Here is the amazing part – their volunteerism doesn’t stop with Epilepsy Durham Region. You can find a member of the Douglas family attached to so many amazing causes throughout Durham Region. Whether they are chairing a Board of Directors or committee, or riding their bikes for entire days at a time to raise much needed funds, they are always looking for new ways to be helpful.

It is hard for Epilepsy Durham Region to find words to portray how grateful we are to know the Douglases, but it is safe to say that we consider them family and feel forever indebted to the altruism that the Douglas family exemplifies.