Make a difference for people living with epilepsy and seizures by hosting a third-party fundraising event. By hosting a fundraising event, you will increase accessibility of services in the Durham Region and directly impact people affected by epilepsy. Fundraising efforts allow Epilepsy Durham Region to offer crucial services, programs, education and advocacy in the region. 

How to Get Started 

Step 1: Choose your fundraising challenge

Choose an idea from our Fundraising Ideas list, or create your own! Once you have an idea in place, you can create your own fundraising page through Canada Helps. You can use this page to collect donations, track your progress, and have proceeds donated directly to Epilepsy Durham Region. You will need to login, or create an account, with CanadaHelps after clicking the link.

Step 2: Set a fundraising goal

Set a fundraising goal . A fundraising goal can be an important tool to help focus your supporters. No matter how small or large, your efforts will make a difference in the lives of those affected by epilepsy in Durham Region.

Step 3: Identify your network of support

Make a list of friends, family co-workers, and beyond who might be able to support your fundraising event. This could be through donating, promoting and spreading awareness, inviting people, attending, and/or volunteering. Invite them to join you in organizing or running the event.

Step 4: Ask for donations

  • Create a fundraising email. Emails are the fastest and most effective way of asking for donations. Don’t forget to add a compelling personal touch of why this cause is important to you.
  • Write a fundraising letter. Yes, people do still send mail through the post and nothing makes you stand out and adds a personal touch quite like a letter. Make sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope to make it easier for your recipient to give right away and always be sure to collect donor information (full name, address, and telephone) for tax receipting purposes. Be sure to include EDR’s third party event pledge form. (Contact Us for the form)
  • Use social media. Social media is the best way to reach the largest number of people and share the link to your personal fundraising page. Create engaging posts that promote your fundraising campaign and keep your followers updated on your progress. Posts can serve as a friendly reminder for people to contribute to your cause!
  • Tell the media. Your local paper, radio station or school newspaper may be interested in covering your fundraising campaign. If you are hosting an event, add it to your local calendar of events or blog like Snap’d.

Step 5: Follow up

An easy way to follow up is to provide an update on your progress. Let people know how much you have raised so far or that you are close to your deadline or fundraising goal. In your follow up, be sure to share updates and pictures of your event preparation. Your family and friends will be excited to follow your progress, so make sure so share with them. Each update will remind your support network that it is not too late to donate or help out with your fundraiser.

A thank you goes a long way. It is essential to thank your donors and let them know when you have reached your fundraising goal. In your personal fundraising page with Canada Helps, you will be notified when someone makes a donation online and can then send them a thank you message. 

A Few More Things to Remember:

  • If you are not using the online option for your personal fundraising page, please collect information of your donors in our third party event pledge form (Contact Us for the form) and have all cheques made payable to Epilepsy Durham Region.
  • The Epilepsy Durham Region name and logos are registered trademarks – you need permission to use them
  • Epilepsy Durham Region is not responsible for any damages, accidents to person or property
  • Funds raised from Community Partnership activities and events must be submitted to Epilepsy Durham Region within 30 days of the event
  • Event organizer will obtain all necessary permits, licenses, and insurance for their event
  • Epilepsy Durham Region will not assume any legal or financial liability
  • Event organizer agrees to adhere to all privacy policies as outlined in the Community Partnerships Event Agreement (Contact Us)

Epilepsy Durham Region reserves the right to withdraw the use of its name at any time and will not assume any costs that may be involved in doing so.

Fundraise Now Through!

Fundraiser Ideas

We encourage third-party fundraisers to be as creative as possible with their event, however, we have a list of awesome fundraising event ideas to get you started:

  • Walk/Run/Bike-a-Thon – invite all your friends, family, and coworkers to participate in a walk, run or bike-a-thon! Promote exercising and health living while giving back to the community.
  • Garage Sale – Sell gently used items from yourself, friends, and family to donate to EDR. You can make a day out of it with music (playlist or live), food, drinks, and good people!
  • Bake Sale – bake sales in a public and/or easily accessible place, with advertising and lots of friends/family/coworkers are a classic way to engage with the community and raise funds.
  • Spirit day – a spirit day event might be good around National Epilepsy Month, which takes place in March, or near to a holiday. Get dressed up to a colour or holiday theme and have speakers, cheers, and more!
  • Car Wash – host a good, old fashioned car wash in a community space, car wash, or from your own driveway. Advertise on social media, with emails, posters, and ask friends, family, and coworkers to bring their cars to be washed!
  • Auction – hold a silent (or not) auction and have attendees place bids on bigger ticket items and/or gift baskets, gift cards and more.
  • Raffle – sell raffle tickets for gift baskets or individual items! You can use items you already have, ask friends and family for donations, even involve local businesses by asking for donations for your raffle event.
  • Holiday Themed Event – any of these events or others with a holiday theme, such as Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day, is a great way to engage for your specific event.