In-service Presentations

Epilepsy Durham Region has extensive expertise in issues pertaining to system navigation (both healthcare and government support services), advocacy, and mental health issues. Utilizing a network of programs and services, our team of staff and volunteers provides support to individuals and their family to assist with the self-management of epilepsy, allowing them to become partners in their healthcare and manage of their condition.

Our in-service presentations are composed of awareness in school-aged children and youth, workplace and employment support, and presentations for seniors. These presentations explain that Epilepsy has life consequences that extend well beyond the experience of having seizures, and how the impact can be on any aspect of cognitive, physical, social, sensory or emotional functioning.

Seizure first aid, accessibility, and navigation of the health care system are all important parts of the in-service presentations. First aid and accessibility knowledge can create safe, comfortable spaces for those who have epilepsy and/or experience seizures. That is why this is a key part of Epilepsy Durham Region’s Education.

Self-management, advocacy and coping mechanisms are also a key topic in Epilepsy Durham Region’s in-service presentations. These skills are crucial to navigating the healthcare and government systems in order to increase accessibility resources and the overall quality of life of those diagnosed with epilepsy or a seizure disorder, as well as the lives of their loved ones and/or caretakers.


Youth and Classroom Education

The Youth and Classroom Education in-service presentations are designed to young people throughout Durham Region on what it means to have a seizure disorder. Students and youth will learn about different functions of the brain, seizures, causes and treatments for Epilepsy, first aid strategies and how to be an ally to those living with Epilepsy, as well as self-advocacy, navigating resources, and more.


Senior Education

“By Seniors For Seniors” in-service presentations are aimed at enhancing the community capacity to create support and eliminate isolation by sharing resources, expertise, experiences and decreasing stigma. It is crucial that these individuals and their loved ones, friends, and peers have a stronger understanding of what seizures are and how they can affect a person’s life. Our seniors’ presentations are available to all Seniors Centers and Retirement Residences in the Durham Region.


Workplace Education

Ontario, there are approximately 1 in 100 people who live with Epilepsy. This means that over 8000 people in Durham Region are living with this diagnosis. As the population of those with Epilepsy has grown, employers and businesses have come to understand the benefits of knowing first aid in order to respond to a seizure in the workplace, as well as the social and mental effects of seizures and epilepsy. A well-educated workplace is beneficial to both the employers and the employees, in order to create a safe, accessible space.

Getting and keeping a job can sometimes be challenging, especially for someone diagnosed with epilepsy or a seizure disorder. Employment-related in-service presentations and support are available. In these in-service presentations, we enable clients to protect themselves from employment discrimination by learning about their rights as an employee. We also teach seizure first aid, and the basics of how epilepsy develops and effects the individual diagnosed with epilepsy and/or a seizure disorder.


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