Ryan’s Walk for Epilepsy

October 11, 2023

Meet Ryan

Ryan has been a dedicated volunteer of Epilepsy Durham Region’s for over a year, and he is committed to helping other individuals like himself to live well with epilepsy and know that they are not alone.

Through his volunteer work, Ryan helped to establish the Durham College Epilepsy Association, where he sits as the student facilitator. He aims to raise public awareness about epilepsy, and ensure that students feel that their school is a safe and inclusive environment for people with epilepsy.

This year, Ryan will be joining Epilepsy Durham Region for the Walk for Epilepsy in partnership with the Durham Community Foundation. Please help to show you support for Ryan below.

“I just want everyone to feel like they belong, and to know that they can do great things. THIS is a space where people with epilepsy can feel that, the way I have.” – Ryan

Join us in supporting Epilepsy Advocate, Ryan, as he walks 5km for people with Epilepsy