Countdown to 2024: Meet Randy, A Devoted Supporter with a Heartwarming Journey!

December 18, 2023

2023 is almost over! Before the clock strikes midnight, we’re inspired to share the journey of one of our devoted supporters.

Meet Randy. His involvement with Epilepsy Durham Region began serendipitously at a golf tournament fundraiser, where the infectious spirit of our team, donned in their distinctive goofy pants, captured his attention. Following this he sparked a friendly fundraising challenge with his colleague and joined future events. Randy’s commitment grew, leading him to join our EPIC Golf Tournament committee. However, what motivates him extends beyond these events.

Randy insists: “It’s the determination, passion, and commitment that the staff have shown, the genuine sense of community that’s fostered, and hearing the stories of the kids diagnosed with epilepsy and all they go through…for me, that’s what makes supporting Epilepsy Durham Region feel like the right thing to do.”

Do you set New Year’s resolutions? We do! Epilepsy Durham Region has big goals for 2024, but we need your support to reach them. We have a $15,000 goal to meet before 2023 comes to a close. This will help make it possible to:

  • Relaunch PROJECT UPLIFT to enrich mental health wellbeing 
  • Expand the reach of our epilepsy education programs
  • Increase the number of individuals and families served in 2024

Will you join us?

We can make an even bigger difference in our community with you by our side. Help us provide vital support to children and adults living with epilepsy with a donation tonight. Your gift of any amount helps make kids like Kaydance, and her mama Heather, receive the essential and holistic care they need to successfully navigate the healthcare system, safely attend school, and continue to overcome the daily challenges of living with this disease. Together, we can make 2024 a better year for community members like Kaydance, Heather and many others. Are you with us?

Join Randy and others in making a meaningful difference in the lives of families like Kaydance and Heather by donating tonight.

DID YOU KNOW? A $50 donation goes a long way: It’s enough to cover a one on one counselling session and resources to a family to help them better understand living with epilepsy. A $200 donation can provide one school with our epilepsy education training. To donate before midnight, click here!