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If you could help empower someone with epilepsy, or help a parent sleep a little easier at night, would you?

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Your generous donation to “Lora’s Legacy Fund” can do so much for those living with epilepsy right here in your community.


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Epilepsy Durham Region

We are committed to promoting independence and optimal quality of life for individuals living with epilepsy and their families, through support, advocacy and public education.


Epilepsy Awareness Month - Thank you to everyone who celebrated Purple Day 2014!

WednesdayPurpledayorglogo, March 26th, Purple Day 2014 was a great success thank you to the participation and generosity of schools, day-care centres, businesses and City Council Members throughout the community.  Together we stood strong, wore our PURPLE best and helped to generate awareness in Durham Region.



Thank you to the following schools for your participation


Beaverton Public School

Birch Cliff Public School                         $72.90

Brock High School                                  $315.00

Carruther's Creek Public School

Chris Hadfield Public School                  $40.50

Good Shepherd CES

Harmony Heights Public School

Henry Street High School

Jack Miner Public School                        $366.60

Monsignor Paul Dwyer C.H.S

Quaker Village Public School                 $115.00

Sinclair Secondary School                      $200.00

Sir John A. Macdonald Public School

Sir Samuel Steele Public School            $358.73

St. Theresa C.S.

St. Mary Catholic Secondary

St. John the Evangelist


Thank you to the following day-care centres:


Four Winds Montessori School              $150.00

Helping Hands Daycare, Rougemount  $285.00

Pine Ridge Nursery School                    $234.90

Schoolhouse Playcare Applecroft         $438.00


Thank you to the following businesses and councils for your participation:


Cimetrix Solutions

Municipality of Clarington

OPG                                                        $1000.00



The Epilepsy Journey - By Seniors for Seniors


Book your In-service Presentation Today - With the generous funding of Green Shield Canada Epilepsy Durham Region is happy to announce our Seniors Presentations available to all Seniors Centres and Retirement Residences in the Durham Region.  All you have to do is download the Registration Form below, complete it, and return to Jessica by fax (905)-430-3080 or e-mail clientservices@epilepsydurham.  With seniors and children representing 60% of new epilepsy diagnoses, we are looking forward to increasing education and understanding in our senior populations.


pdfThe Epilepsy Journey - By Seniors for Seniors Presentation Registration Form


Epic Announcement


Epilepsy LogoDurham Region is excited to announce that we will be climbing the Grand Canyon in support of those living with epilepsy in the Durham Region.  This 4500 foot journey is no small endeavour and we know that the impact this will have in our community will be even bigger than the adventure.  To find out more about the Epic Climb for Epilepsy - Grand Canyon 2014 visit www.epicclimb.ca


If you would like to make a donation to the Epic Climb campaign visit our Canada Helps page at https://www.canadahelps.org/CharityProfilePage.aspx?CharityID=76577  or pop in to say hello at our office.
We sincerely appreciate your support.


Global News Reporter Mark McAllister highlights Community Support


Read the online report at www.globalnews.ca or watch the full news report online at http://globalnews.ca/news/1163364/durham-woman-says-those-with-epilepsy-face-a-lack-of-support/


MEDICATION ALERT: Clobazam                                                                                                                                      

It is come to the awareness of local community agencies that there is a shortage of clobazam at some community pharmacies.  Unfortunately, we do not have any further details at this time and we do not know whether the shortage is affecting a single brand of clobazam or if multiple brands are affected.

If you take clobazam we suggest that you contact your pharmacy and ask about the supply of your medication.
If your pharmacist is unable to fill your prescription contact your health care provider immediately.  Do not make any changes to your treatment (i.e. skipping doses, reducing the dose, or discontinuing the drug) without consulting your health care provider.  If there is a shortage of your anti-seizure drug your physician or nurse practitioner can discuss this with you and develop a treatment plan to most safely manage your epilepsy.
Please contact Epilepsy Durham Region if you have any concerns about your medication and/or accessing your Clobazam prescription at pharmacies within the Durham Region. Contact:
dmckenzie@epilepsydurham.com or (905)-430-3090.



Canadian Epilepsy Alliance Press Release


CEA-ACE Calls for Increased Training and Education to Better Understand and Respond to Incidents Involving People Living with Epilepsy...to read more please download the PDF of the Press Release by following the link below.


pdfCEA Press Release


Student Support Program - Thinking About Epilepsy


Epilepsy Durham Region is proud to offer a wide range of services to assist your child while at school.  We offer in-service presentations in the classroom that educate students on epilepsy, how to recognize a seizure, seizure first-aid and side effects of medications.  This ensures your child's classmates as well as their teacher(s) is aware of what epilepsy is and how to best accomodate and advocate for him/her.


Additionally, we are happy to launch our Thinking About Epilepsy Grade 5 Program which teaches students about epilepsy, seizure first-aid and the human body.  Though this interactive program fits into the cirriculum expectations for grade 5 science classes in Ontario, we can adapt the presentation materials to students of all ages.  The main goal: to dispel myths and create a school environment which is empathetic, understanding and supportive of students living with epilepsy.


For more information on our in-service presentations and Thinking About Epilepsy Program download the forms below or contact clientservices@epilepsydurham.com


pdfSchool In-Service Request Form

pdfThinking About Epilepsy Presentation Request Form (Grade 5)


 Check out the new Gift Line for Fall/Winter 2013


Epilepsy Durham Region has new items to offer for this upcoming Fall/Winter season.  Check out our new scarves and canvas to keep both your wardrobe and home in style this season.  Also we have new Epilepsy Durham Region silicone bracelets available in Purple - a bold take on our traditional lavender Epilepsy Matters wristbands!  Many of our most popular items are also still available including our Lavender Body Mist, Lora the Lavender Labrador, and Glitter Costume Bracelet.  Download a flyer and order form below or visit the office and check them out today!


pdf Gift Line Fall/Winter Flyer

pdf Gift Line Fall/Winter Order Form  





Calling all pennies!  Have no use for those containers, drawers, or shoeboxes filled with pennies?  Click here to learn more about Lora's Legacy Fund and how your pennies and other loose coins can make a difference in your community.
Thanks to the kindness of donors throughout the community we have raised $6043.37 in 2013.




News items.... 


Canadian Epilepsy Alliance Releases Statement on Bloc Leader’s Resignation



The Canadian Epilepsy Alliance (CEA) thanks Mr Daniel Paillé for speaking publicly about his epilepsy.  Maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle is one of the self-management strategies key to seizure control. Approximately 70% of people diagnosed with epilepsy are able to obtain seizure control through the use of anti-seizure medication and lead typical lives.


On behalf of the 300, 000 Canadians living with epilepsy, the CEA wishes Mr Paillé all the best.



Medical Marijuana: Parents urge for trials in Canada


TorontoStarDravetandCannibisNine-month-old Kaitlyn Pogson suffers from Dravet syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy that results in frequent seizures - up to 300 per day. Her parents are encouraged by stories out of Colorado, where a special strain of cannabis is reducing the number of seizures suffered by children with otherwise untreatable epilepsy.  To read more about the tests in Colorado as well as Kaitlyn's parents efforts urging for trials in Canada follow the link below.


Toronto Star - Medical marijuana: Could pot stop this baby's seizures?


Epilepsy Montreal Congress 2013


The Montreal Congress 2013 has updated its abstract and speaker presentations onto their website.  There were over 75 presentations with topics ranging from psychosocial effects and social issues to medical advancements and neuroimaging techniques.  Click the link below to watch the highlights video and to check out some abstracts as well as select speaker presentations that interest you.


Epilepsy Montreal Congress 2013 Highlights Video


Role of Seizure Dogs Expanding


ServiceDogRoleExpandingA June 4th radio interview on CBC Radio One discussed the expanding role of seizure dogs in persons with disabilities.  The discussion of seizure dogs scope as well as their impact on quality of life to their owners reveals the signficant role they play in our community.  Listen to the full interview by clicking here.





Dilantin Supply

There has been information released from Pfizer addressing the recent national supply struggle on Dilantin.  To find out more information click on the link below. 
Download the PDF here


Various lots of five prescription drugs recalled due to product quality issues

In consultation with Health Canada, four companies (Cobalt Pharmaceuticals, Laboratoire Riva, Mylan Pharmaceuticals and Sanis Health) are voluntarily recalling various lots of five prescription drugs (amlodipine, ciprofloxacin, lamotrigine, norfloxacin and telmisartan) from the Canadian market (see…


Autism link to epilepsy drug used during pregnancy

ONE in 20 children whose mothers used a drug to treat epilepsy during pregnancy suffers from an autistic disorder, research suggests.

A study involving 655,615 children born between 1996 and 2006 found that 4.42 per cent of those whose mothers used the drug valproate while pregnant were diagnosed…


Canada/U.S. Medical Reciprocity Agreement for Commercial Drivers

Please find the attached stakeholder information package for the Canada/U.S. Medical Reciprocity Agreement for Commercial Drivers (W Code).  It contains a stakeholder letter, a sample of the notificaion letter sent to drives, and a question and answer sheet.

pdfStakeholder Letter
pdfSample of Notification…

Inside Epilepsy - A five-part series on Global News Toronto

On March 7th, 2013 Global News Toronto launched "Inside Epilepsy," a series highlighting what it means to live with a seizure disorder.  Thanks to the courage of Global News Reporter, Mark McAllister, and other individuals for sharing their personal experiences they are shining the light and…

Medication Alert: Temporary shortage of Neurontin 600 mg tablets

Pfizer has reported that they are experiencing a shortage of Neurontin tablets (600 mg) which is expected to be resolved by March 15, 2013.
Epilepsy Ontario contacted Pfizer's customer service department and learned that all other strengths of Neurontin are available: 100 mg, 300 mg and 400 mg…


2013 OBCL Epilepsy Scholarship Awards

The 2013 OBCL Epilepsy Scholarship Awards are proud to offer up to five $1,000 scholarships to students across Ontario who are living with epilepsy.  Students have the opportunity to apply for awards in the follow categories:

1. Continuing Studies Award
2. President's Award of Distinction
3. OBCL…
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