With the sheer number of people living with Epilepsy, and the impact this disease has on an individual and their family, our goal is to ensure that local community support is available to address the catastrophic effects of this disease.


  • Tips for Seizure Smart Summer

    With summer in full effect and the heat wave upon us, it is important for people living with Epilepsy to take special precautions to manage their seizures. Check out these great tips brought to you by the BC Epilepsy Society for managing the warmer summer months.   Happy

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  • Medication Alert Update: Clobazam Shortage

    Update: June 23, 2016
    via Canadian Epilepsy Alliance Drug Shortage Committee
      Clobazam is in short supply, but this drug is still available at some pharmacies. If inventories have become low or depleted at your pharmacy, ask your pharmacist to recheck the status of both generic clobazam and Frisium (brand name) with their suppliers.   Distributors have started receiving shipments this week...

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