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Logan 3Imagine, for a moment, being stuck in a cycle of managing seizures to the point of regaining your independence – working, driving, and piecing together missing memories – only to be taken away all in one moment.


We would like to introduce you to our Ambassador Logan


Logan had his first tonic-clonic seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 18. With years of medication changes and increases, Logan was able to lengthen time in between seizures. He began to take action to feel more independent, even working in a carpentry apprenticeship program; however, significant memory loss, mood changes, and impact on ability to focus (all side effects of both seizures and medications) often halted Logan from reaching his goals.


Logan does not experience any auras or warning signs preceding a seizure. On a cold day in November, Logan experienced his most recent seizure. After yet another trip to the hospital, Logan’s license was suspended and he was feeling as though his life had become a constant struggle in day to day living. His medication was increased again, wreaking havoc on his memory, mood, and concentration.


With the support of a caring family and friends, Logan needed to begin the process of
reclaiming his life – he and his family reached out to Epilepsy Durham Region for help.


We are proud to say that because of our Keeping it Epic Champions, and with the launch of our new, local Epilepsy Clinic, Logan was referred as a patient and had an appointment with our Epileptologist, had EEG and MRI, and has now participated in two in person consultations with our newly launched Clinic to Community program all within less than two months of connecting with our organization; prior to 2018, this was a 24 month process and, for some, a 10 – 20 year wait.


“I am able to talk about my experiences with people who understand because they have also experienced the same thing. I feel much better about myself and having the right people around makes things more positive. I think that there needs to be more awareness for epilepsy in the community and the workplace, and with the help of organizations like Epilepsy Durham I hope that this can happen.”

                                                                                                                                         – Logan


It is because of you and your donations that we are able to Keep it Epic and continue to help families like Logan’s during difficult challenges of their own. Thank you!






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