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In November, 2018, Epilepsy Durham Region launched a new, comprehensive, local Epilepsy Clinic in Durham Region. Encompassed in this initiative is our Clinic to Community program which ensures that individuals and their families living with epilepsy receive the education and support that they need to be partners in their healthcare plan. 


To preserve our local epilepsy programming, Clinic to Community, and the Epilepsy Clinic, we have set a goal of raising $500,000, and we're almost there! Our Task Force, alongside amazing community partners, have raised $360,000 to date...


...but we need your help




Everyday living with epilepsy can be a challenge, and the unpredictability of when the next seizure may occur is frightening. For more than 30 years, Epilepsy Durham Region has been supporting families and individuals living with epilepsy.


In 2014, Epilepsy Durham Region staff, Dianne and Chelsea, participated in the Epic Climb for Epilepsy, hiking the Grand Canyon to go the distance for individuals and their families touched by epilepsy. This April, Dianne will be continuing this mission and taking a BIG STEP alongside our Keeping it Epic Ambassador, Logan, by climbing the CN Tower on April 13th, 2019. That’s...


144 FLOORS, 553 METERS, 1,776 STEPS




To help our Keeping it Epic Task Force in their mission to cross the $500,000 threshold in 2019, Dianne and Logan have set a goal of raising $30,000 with Steps for a Cause. Our math tells us that if 600 people donate $50.00, this goal will be realized. This is where you can help in a couple of different ways...


  1. Donate directly to Dianne and Logan’s Steps for a Cause
  2. Fundraise for Dianne and Logan – check out our fundraising tool kit or consider Cupcakes for a Cause
  3. Read Dianne’s story, and Logan’s Story, and share them with your friends and family


All proceeds will go towards Epilepsy Durham Region's Clinic to Community program and will preserve our local epilepsy programming.


Thank you for Helping Us Help Others



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