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Calling all paper airplane experts! Host a Paper Airplane Contest in your classroom, school, or workplace and prove just how high epilepsy awareness can soar!


Up, Up and Away!


This Purple Paper Plane contest template will help your Epilepsy Awareness Month project to TAKE OFF!




  • Guide your students in making purple paper airplanes and competing in two categories: greatest distance traveled and most time spent in the air
    Purple Paper Planes can be made using purple paper, or decorating copy/art paper with purple

Autism is a neurological disorder involving difficulties relating to and communicating with other persons. About 1/3 of children with autism also have epilepsy. Children with autism often have abnormal EEGs, as do children with epilepsy, which may add to the difficulty of diagnosing each of these conditions in the same child. Other more detailed tests will often be needed to determine whether the child with autism is also exhibiting abnormal brain wave activity because of epilepsy.


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Epilepsy Ontario


epilepsy overview

Epilepsy Durham Region hosts a variety of annual education and fundraising events throughout the year to support local programming and empower individuals and their families living with Epilepsy. These events include: Annual General Meeting, Volunteer Reception, Education Forum, Lecture Series, Walk for Epilepsy, Epic Golf Challenge, and various Epilepsy Awareness Month initiatives.

Click here to learn more about our annual events.

Click here for a calendar of upcoming events.

Cupcakes For A Cause 2020

life can be a little sweeter because of you...





In November, 2018, Epilepsy Durham Region launched a new, comprehensive, local Epilepsy Clinic in Durham Region. Encompassed in this initiative is our Clinic to Community program which ensures that individuals and their families living with epilepsy receive the education and support that they need to be partners in their healthcare plan. 


To preserve our local epilepsy programming, Clinic to Community, and the Epilepsy Clinic, we have set to raise awareness and funds one cupcake at a time 



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