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Are you with Us? Our Goal - To Raise $500,000


We are excited to announce that as of December 23, 2019, 


we successfully have reached (AND SURPASSED) or $500,000 goal, raising a total of $512,720.62 in 5 years!


Thank you to everyone who helped us to cross our $500K threshold!


 To learn more about our campaign, please see the information below.




  • To deliver the best programming and services for our clients and their families
  • To expand existing programs
  • To reach out to those newly diagnosed
  • To influence inclusiveness and eliminate stigma


Our Task Force has raised $477,633.82 enabling the launch of a state of the art epilepsy clinic in Durham Region – Clinic to Community - We're Almost There!


500K Goal Webpage DEC23


Help us to cross the $500,000 threshold - Are You With Us?


  • ESTABLISH safe and inclusive employment and school environments through our education and awareness programs
  • PROVIDE proactive support through our Clinic To Community program, reducing the burden of epilepsy on families and the Ontario economy
  • IMRPOVE public epilepsy knowledge | highlight the urgent need for epilepsy care | build stronger awareness opportunities
  • CREATE a summer to remember for a child - Summerfest/Summer Camp - Lasting friendships | A week or two are an unforgettable time for child  


Thank you for joining us on our #EPICchallenge as we cross

the $500,000 threshold together  | #EPIC4Epilepsy


|  Pathways to Support  |  Making a Gift with Lasting Impact  |

|  Improving Epilepsy Care |








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