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July 31st, 2017


Brand name Frisium tablets (DIN 02221799) are being discontinued in Canada. Please see Lundbeck's statement regarding the discontinuation here.


Lundbeck estimates that the remaining supply of Frisium for the Canadian market will be depleted by the end of 2018. This estimate is based current inventory levels and historical usage. The run out date is subject to change if there are unanticipated increases/decreases in demand.


With the advance notice, there is an opportunity to proactively discuss the situation with patients who are stabilized on brand name Frisium and decide when to switch from the branded product to a generic formulation. Patients, their families and healthcare professionals can contact Lundbeck’s Medical Information team at 1-866-880-4636 if they have questions or concerns.


There are two (2) generic products currently marketed in Canada:


 DIN Product Name Company
 02244638            Apo-Clobazam            Apotex Inc.
 02238334 Teva-Clobazam Teva Canada Ltd


Pharmascience Inc has discontinued PMS-Clobazam (DIN 02244474)

Pro Doc Ltée has discontinued Clobazam-10 (DIN 02248454)


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