As school begins again for children, kids with epilepsy are worrying about more than just new teachers and classrooms. Many families are afraid of the unpredictability that seizures cause, and if it will keep other kids from being their friend or impact a successful school year. They fear teachers may not know what to do if they have a seizure, they hope there will be after school activities they can participate in, especially if their seizures can’t be controlled with medication. Simply put, having epilepsy makes being a kid complicated!


With your ongoing support, you can ensure that parents and children have the resources they need to overcome the fear they may feel at school, while facing the challenges of epilepsy. With this in mind we are launching our back to school campaign and hope you will help us to reach our goal of $500.00 the details are below of what we are trying to achieve for the coming school year.


kids on bus


With a donation of $25.00, you can help to provide a school with resource information about epilepsy.

With a donation of $50.00, you can help to provide a private counselling/training session with a family and school administration.

With a donation of $75.00, you can help to provide a full in-service presentation to staff or a classroom, including leave behind resource information.


Donate today, and know that children with epilepsy can worry less and enjoy being kids more!



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