Epilepsy Durham Region is excited to launch our second annual Epic Golf Challenge! 18 teams of two will compete against one another in a battle of four 9 hole competitions, completing a total of 36 holes, trying to not only end up with the best round of golf, but also to raise the largest amount of pledged money. Our goal is to raise $108,000 to help support our Pediatric Management Program. If each of our 72 golfers raises $1,500, this goal will be a reality.


Who will end up with the best round or raise the most money? #EPICchallenge

Help our golfers on their challenge :


Total Raised: $123,628.99


To Donate Online, please click on your favourite team!



  • no picture



    Total Pledged: $8,385.00


    Randy Ling

    Lorne Coe

    Chris Fernandes

    Bob McAllister





  • 20160308 194025



    Total Pledged: $7,750.00


    Brian Callery

    Gary Delaney

    Barry Rowe

    John Davidson





  • CouchPotato



    Total Pledged: $8,865.00


    Cris Douglas

    Jay Kilgannon

    Kathy Henry

    Iris Rapkoski





  • PinkChampagne



    Total Pledged: $5,600.00


    Dave Wilson

    Denis Ayotte

    Ed Winterink

    Shawn Armstrong





  • BodegaBay



    Total Pledged: $6,355.00


    Kyle Douglas

    Matt Douglas

    Steve Conaby

    James Grieve





  • DotMatrix



    Total Pledged: $6,475.00


    Paul McVean

    Tom McAllister

    Jon Cooper

    Scott Nicholls





  • BoraBora



    Total Pledged: $6,515.00


    Terry Johnston

    Glen Uens

    Andrew Brown

    Larry Lloyd




  • 20160308 192949



    Total Pledged: $12,540.00


    Neil Smith

    Randy Farmer

    Mary Nurse

    Jane Ritchie




  • no picture



    Total Pledged: $5,315.00


    Susan Johnston

    Kathleen Norman

    Steve Margoleses

    PJ Yedon





  • BoomerangBlack



    Total Pledged: $4,215.00


    James Leamen

    Jim Reid

    Bob Owen

    Scott Cherry






  • no picture



    Total Pledged: $6,250.00


    Bill Bath

    Tom Morton

    Susan Forbes

    Sandy Page





  • She Loves Me Not



    Total Pledged: $9.400.00


    Howard Humphrey

    Troy Hanson

    Derrick Gleed

    Gord Murray 





  • Bandana



    Total Pledged: $5,407.00


    Peter Bocking

    Adam Hare

    Adam Mitchell

    Will Mitchell




  • BlackAndWhite



    Total Pledged: $6,010.00


    Kirk Dick

    Paul Bowlby

    Steven Dick

    Collin Ashdown




  • Pargyle



    Total Pledged: $6,620.00


    Steve Catell

    Dave Coppins

    Sven Sorensen

    Bill Sims





  • no picture



    Total Pledged: $900.00


    Elizabeth Roy

    Stephanie Humphrey

    Sue Murrey

    Cathi Westrop





  • FourShades



    Total Pledged: $5,575.00


    John Letal

    Don Van Kooy

    Dave Comery

    Gord Wallace





  • no picture



    Total Pledged: $3,270.00


    Rob Morton

    Kathy Beattie

    Chris Hall

    Mark Hawkin







Special thank you to all of those who contributed In-Kind Donations to the second annual

Epic Golf Challenge:


Algoma Orchards

Big Apple

Bulk Barn (Whitby Location)

CKDO Radio

Costco (Oshawa Location)


Dodd & Souter Flooring


FreshCo. (Whitby Location)

Great Blue Heron Charity Casion

Halenda's Fine Foods (Oshawa Location)

Kernels Popcorn

OneWord Photography (John Walker)

Panera Bread

Quality Control Council of Canada


Speedpro Imaging Durham

The Great Canadian Superstore (Whitby Location)

Winvalley Contracting

YMCA of Greater Toronto


....and our beloved friend Joyce!

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