Epilepsy Durham Region is excited to launch our first annual Epic Golf Challenge! 18 teams of two will compete against one another in a battle of four 9 hole competitions, completing a total of 36 holes, trying to not only end up with the best round of golf, but also to raise the largest amount of pledged money. Our goal is to raise $54,000 to help support our Pediatric Management Program. If each of our 36 golfers raises $1,500, this goal will be a reality.


Who will end up with the best round or raise the most money? #EPICchallenge

Help our golfers on their challenge :


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Total Raised: $79,338.67


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  • #TeamWoods


    Total Pledged: $2,690.00


    Kyle Douglas &

    Steve Conaby


    "We are very excited about the #EPICchallenge golf tournament, Steve and I take two things very seriously... golf and fundraising. This great event allows #TeamWoods the opportunity to spend the day on the links and help raise awareness/funds for a great charity."



  • #TeamDivot


    Total Pledged: $5,785.00


    Neil Smith &

    Randy Farmer


    "We (#TeamDivot) are looking forward to this exciting event - for the golf and more important to raise funds for this worthwhile endeavour (EDR's Pediatric Management Program).



  • #TeamEagle


    Total Pledged: $4,858.00


    Terry Johnston &

    Glen Uens


    "We're happy to participate in this Epic Golf Challenge to support the thousands of people living with Epilepsy. A little kindness goes a long way in making an impact in someone's life, we've personally witnessed the dedication volunteers and staff have made in supporting this cause and am proud to help."



  • #TeamGimmie


    Total Pledged: $1,705.00


    Tom McAlister &

    Jason Pummell



  • #TeamGreens


    Total Pledged: $5,000



    Matt Cardwell &

    Jamie Tostik



  • #TeamFairway


    Total Pledged: $3,044.67


    Susan Johnston &

    Kathleen Norma



  • #TeamBunker


    Total Pledged: $3,550.00


    Dave Wilson &

    Ian McCutcheon



  • #TeamPutter


    Total Pledged: $2,705.00


    Bill Bath &

    Tom Morton



  • #TeamPar


    Total Pledged: $3,375.00



    Denis Ayotte &

    Andy Ayotte



  • Cam and Dave



    Total Pledged: $1,245.00


    Cam Hreljac &

    Dave Walker



  • #TeamHoleInOne


    Total Pledged: $4,460.00


    Cris Douglas &

    Jay Kilgannon



  • #TeamMulligan


    Total Pledged: $785.00


    Phil Bingham &

    Don Terry



  • #TeamDriver


    Total Pledged: $3,280.00


    Paul McVean &

    Ken Jacobs



  • #TeamPin


    Total Pledged: $1,855.00


    Barry Mount &

    Lorne Coe



  • #TeamBogey


    Total Pledged: $2,325.00


    Kevin Ashe &

    Colin O’Regan



  • #TeamBirdie


    Total Pledged: $2,650.00


    Wayne Cassidy &

    Gary Innes



  • Howard and Troy



    Total Pledged: $ 10,536.00


    Howard Humphrey &

    Troy Hanson


    "#TEAMFRINGE is honoured to be part of the 1st annual Epic Golf Challenge and appreciate the opportunity to help this noble charity surpass their pledge goal."



  • #TeamIrons


    Total Pledged: $3,630.00



    Brian Callery &

    Gary Delaney



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