ohip logoBeginning October 1, 2019, the following OHIP-insured services will be updated as a result of the working group's review.


 The following changes are listed in a summary to improve the quality of patient care:


  • Use More Accurate Diagnostic Imaging for Sinus Problems
  • Update the use of Ambulatory Cardiac Monitoring Devices (Loop and Holter Monitors)
  • Improve Access to Primary and Specialty Care by Simplifying Referrals to Specialists
  • Use More Effective Testing to Diagnose Infertility


The following changes are listed in a summary to reduce medically unnecessary services:


  • Perform Procedure to Remove Ear Wax Only When Medically Necessary
  • Conduct Larynx Examinations During Stomach Examinations Only When Medically Necessary
  • Continue Access to Urine Pregnancy Tests When Medically Necessary
  • Improve Primary Care Access by Streamlining Pre-Operative Assessments
  • Improve Access to Knee Arthroscopies for Patients with Degenerative Knee Disease
  • Fund Physician Premiums for House Calls Only for Frail Elderly and Housebound Patients


For more detailed information about the changes to the aforementioned listed items, please visit the Appropriateness Working Group Recommendations page on the Ontario Governemnet website.

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