Plasma Ball SmallDid you know that 1 in 100 people live with epilepsy, yet there are still many misconceptions about this neurological disease?


The World Health Organization (WHO) released a report in 2019, simply titled, “Epilepsy: A Public Health Imperative”. We are reaching out to you to join the conversation and invite your schools to Think About Epilepsy!


Epilepsy Durham Region offers in-service presentations that are customizable for all grade levels, teaching epilepsy 101, seizure recognition and first response protocol. The presentations also aim to raise awareness and reduce stigma and isolation that is so often felt when living with this disease. Our grade 5 specific program, Thinking About Epilepsy, aligns with the Ontario Science Curriculum, meeting 7 direct expectations.


“Evidence from a randomized controlled trial shows the (Thinking About Epilepsy) programme significantly improved a student’s epilepsy knowledge and attitudes.”
– Epilepsy: A public health imperative, WHO (2019).


We have already been inundated with families reaching out to our organization to receive support to help their child reach their full academic potential at school, all while feeling safe and included. We were also recently a part of a local school board Safety Open House and heard from many Teachers, Principals, and Education Assistance how grateful they were for our resources and knowledge to assist them with providing the best tools possible for students with epilepsy. We invite you to complete our Thinking About Epilepsy or general In-Service Presentation form to register your school’s epilepsy presentation today! Also, please consider including Epilepsy Durham Region in the conversation to complete your Plan of Care for PPM 161 for students with epilepsy.


Thank you for taking the time to bring epilepsy out of the shadows!


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