globaltorontoOn March 7th, 2013 Global News Toronto launched "Inside Epilepsy," a series highlighting what it means to live with a seizure disorder.  Thanks to the courage of Global News Reporter, Mark McAllister, and other individuals for sharing their personal experiences they are shining the light and stamping out stigma for those living with epilepsy.


Below are the links for the video series.  Please take the time to check these out and learn how you can help educate others on epilepsy to show these individuals they are not alone.


Inside Epilepsy: Mark McAllister shares his story

Episode 1: Patients turn to brain surgery for treatment

Focus Ontario (Ep.2) : Inside Epilepsy

Episode 3: Toronto woman's crusade to shed light on treatment options

Episode 4: Programs offer support, learning for those with epilepsy

Episode 5: Answering a call to action    

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