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**Source: Best Medicines Coalistion


April 17, 2020


In British Columbia, to support patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic, pharmacists have been given recommendations and new authority during the pandemic. See the summary below for new and existing pharmacy related supports. We encourage patients to check with their local pharmacists to inquire about their available supports.


Pharmacists are encouraged to exercise their existing authority to refill medications for patients receiving prescription medications for stable chronic conditions and existing authority provide emergency supply of needed medications. This reduces the need for a patient to visit with a physician in order to receive needed medications, the pharmacists can authorize a refill for more medications or provide an emergency supply if they have run out or need something they have been on before.


Pharmacists have been


COVID-19 has caused unprecedented changes to the non-profit sector, challenging our already limited resources as we try to map what this pandemic means to our sector, our organizations, and our most vulnerable clients.

We are facing a truly unprecedented situation which is affecting all of our families, our business, our communities and our way of life. During this public health crisis, Epilepsy Durham Region has adapted the way in which we deliver our programs and services. While there are government directed social distancing practices or stay-at-home orders in effect, we are providing service using virtual resources like video, social media and one to one virtual education. Impacted

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April 15, 2020


Please be advised that Depakene (Valproic Acid) is being reported in short supply. The anticipated end date of the shortage is April 21, 2020.


A summary of the manufacturers/shortage status, as reported by Drug Shortages Canada can be found here.

Now Open...

Neurology Centre of Toronto’s - Virtual Epilepsy Clinic


WHAT IS THE Virtual Epilepsy Clinic?


  • Online, walk-in style clinic – Patients register the same day
  • Epilepsy specialists (FRCPC physicians) providing expert, timely and effective care
  • Fully covered by OHIP with no extra charges



Same-Day Appointments


Please join Epilepsy Toronto for a COVID-19 & Epilepsy Webinar (Facebook Live) onThursday, April 2nd, 2020 at 2pm with guest speakers Pediatric Epileptologist, Dr. Evan Cole Lewis and Sick Kids Nurse Practitioner Ivanna Yau. Please click here to get a Facebook reminder of the event, and tune in to Epilepsy Toronto on Thursday at 2:00 pm sharp.


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