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If you have Epilepsy and have lost your health card, your mind clouded due to multiple seizures, how difficult could it be to obtain a new health card?


The journey below follows an experience I had last week when helping a woman struggling with Epilepsy.

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If you have spent more than five minutes with me, you have probably figured out that summer is by far my favourite time of the year – longer days and a warm breeze, the sound of kids playing in the park midday, having to eat your ice cream just fast enough that it doesn't melt. As much as it pains me to admit it, the end of summer is fast approaching. It feels like I blinked and three months passed by.

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Being a student, a common question that I receive a lot is "Where are you working for the summer?" This question is common and dreaded by many students but not to me. In fact, I can't wait to answer that question, I can barely hold in my excitement when I hear it. I have had the privilege to be the Summer Student for Epilepsy Durham Region for 2 summers now and wow I cannot be more thankful.


Hello to those who read this blog,


(I'm still not sure what I would like to write, however I do know I want to keep YOU (the reader) somewhat interested. Therefore, I will try to get to the point as quickly as possible!)


Last week I attended the Epilepsy Durham Region's 2015 Annual General Meeting at the Centennial Building.


It was an early morning and I was getting ready for school the way any 8th grader would when the home phone rang and it was my oldest sister calling in a voice of pure panic. She explained to my mother that while driving to their high school, my other sister had suddenly passed out in the car. There it was... absolute sheer panic. I could see it on my mom's face. The memory is as clear as if time stopped, permanently frozen. My entire family immediately entered into a state of the unknown. Life as we knew it at that moment had completely flipped upside down, never to be truly the same. For many years after that incident, my sister was in and out of the hospital after having episodes of what was mostly being referred to as "fainting" due to a lack of understanding of the medical problem. It took quite a long time for the actually diagnosis of epilepsy to emerge. From the very first episode until my sister's epilepsy was properly diagnosed and until she was able to find a way to


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