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Hiiiiiiiiii! My name is Ava and I am an Epilepsy Durham Region Youth Ambassador (you can see some of my work on my very own ambassador page here). I am 10 years old and am excited for you to hear about my Neurology Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) 5 day hospital stay! This EMU visit will help doctors and me and my family understand more about my seizures. I hope you enjoy discovering epilepsy through my journey!


October 9th, 2019 | Day 3 of 5


Ava has not very much sleep again last night as they are trying to induce a seizure. She finally was able to go to sleep after 12:30am and was woken up at 7:00am.


Yesterday she had a a long visit from her Aunt Emily which was wonderful for everyone. She painted Ava’s toes, played hangman and brought the funniest game called Mad Libs.


During Ava’s visit with her Aunt she also had another visit from a furry friend and they had some long snuggles.


Meet Piper below!


With all the wires Ava needs clothes that zip or button up so she was excited because she received some comfy onesies to keep her cozy.


When asked what are some must haves when coming into the hospital for a long stay she said:


1) Her stuffies (Puzzels, Bibbles, Pixel and her pillow Karina the cat). She will also include her new ones Tundra and Misty.

2) Her green and pink blanket to snuggle along with her handmade blanket from her Aunt Susan to keep her warm.

3) Oreos, salt and vinegar chips and goldfish crackers 💜

4) Apples and oranges (so she can eat the chips 🤣 )

5) Her new favourite game from Epilepsy Durham Region called Crack the Code

6) Family

7) Her IPhone

8) Comfy clothes

9) Playdough (thanks Cousin Carla)

10) Mad Libs (thanks Aunt Em)


Today she is hoping to another furry friend visit and play Royal High on Rodblox! (Mom is not allowed to say school work even though she has that as well😁)


Thank you everyone for joining us on her journey.


See you tomorrow,


Ava EMU Oct 9

Cindy, Ava's Mom



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