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Hiiiiiiiiii! My name is Ava and I am an Epilepsy Durham Region Youth Ambassador (you can see some of my work on my very own ambassador page here). I am 10 years old and am excited for you to hear about my Neurology Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) 5 day hospital stay! This EMU visit will help doctors and me and my family understand more about my seizures. I hope you enjoy discovering epilepsy through my journey!


October 8th, 2019 | Day 2 of 5


Yesterday was day 2 for Ms. Ava. Thank goodness for all the hospital volunteers to help her dad and I when we are there separate from one another so that we can go get some food. With Ava not being able to leave the room, it means neither can we and Ava gets bored of us – who can blame her 🤣. The hospital volunteers have been fabulous and she has so much fun with them from playing hang man, go fish and other games.


Ava received another lovely surprise from her family at Epilepsy Durham Region which is soft and cuddly to keep her company.


She had another late night, and worked on some math for school and FaceTimed her friends and family.


The IV is still her nemesis, and causes the most discomfort, except at night as she was hooked up again to the extra monitors for heart and blood pressure along with the EEG electrodes. She was asked to stay up extra late in hopes of have her becoming sleep deprived which will often cause a seizure.


We are so proud of how she is handling it and know it cannot be easy.


When we asked what her favourite part of the hospital stay is? Ava said having the therapy dogs visit.

Meet Benji and Ben💜


Ava EMU Oct8Thanks again for your support,


Cindy, Ava's Mom



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