APRIL BLOG STAMPHello to those who read this blog,


(I'm still not sure what I would like to write, however I do know I want to keep YOU (the reader) somewhat interested. Therefore, I will try to get to the point as quickly as possible!)


Last week I attended the Epilepsy Durham Region's 2015 Annual General Meeting at the Centennial Building.

The reasons I decided to go to the meeting were as follows:

  1. To find out what the meeting had to offer
  2. To see if I would come across any other people who had epilepsy
  3. To have the guts to stand up in the meeting and ask, "who has epilepsy and why are there so few of us here?"

The reason I wanted to ask this question was due to the fact, many Epilepsy organizations in Canada state, "1 in 100 people have epilepsy."


Therefore, if we do the math at the meeting last night we possibly should have had up to 6450 individuals. (The number may have been smaller due to the fact the Raptors played that night).


How did this number come about:


"Durham Region's population in 2013 was estimated to be 645 000"

"1 in 100 people have epilepsy"


645 000 x 0.01 = 6450


Again the meeting could have been as big as 8000 people when you take into account all of the people who have epilepsy may ask their driver to stay with them at the meeting.


When I looked around the room, I said in my sometimes 'scrambled head', "Where are all the people who are BATTLING this DISEASE?" There were roughly 20 to 25 people in the small room at the Centennial Building in Whitby and from what I was told there may have been only five of us whom were battling epilepsy.


When the meeting had finished, I stood at the bus stop across the street and wondered why people who were suffering, battling, enduring the disorder, disability or disease were not present.


Maybe they were not there because of transportation issues, for example, it took me 45 minutes to get to the meeting by bus and after the meeting it took me the same time to get home by the same mode of transit. Or were they exhausted after a day of schooling, employment or seizure activity. Or was it due to the fact they were just scared?

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If I receive just one message from someone who has read this blog, then I know I am not alone. And maybe you and I can start up something for more people to join on this blog and possibly even in person.

From a person who belongs to the 6450 group. I'm number 77.




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