April 14th, 2020


Mayor Carter’s video update for April 14th


In his Tuesday, April 14 video message, Oshawa Mayor Dan Carter continues to urge community members to follow government orders not to gather in groups of more than five people and health authority guidelines to stay home as much as possible and maintain physical distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19.


Mayor Carter can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ontario COVID-19 Assessment Centres:

As at March 19, 2020- The Ontario Health Coalition has compiled this list from trusted media sources, hospital and public health websites, and by calling hospitals directly to confirm information. Please note things are changing rapidly. Different assessment centres have different criteria for access. Some do testing on site, some do not. This information is correct as of end-of-day yesterday/this morning but may change. Please call or visit the websites of the hospital/assessment centres or public health units indicated below to check current status. As tests become more available they may be able to test more people. New assessment centres are being added daily.


People are wondering how and where to get tested. Many hospitals, Public Health Units and/or the Ontario government have set up assessment centres that are in separated areas of the hospital, or are drive-through, in trailers on

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Katy PowerWalk

Epilepsy Ambassador, Katy, has battled multiple types of seizures her whole life. She takes courage from her family, friends and a good Spotify playlist. She is happiest when she gets a "Free Pass" (her description) of a seizure-free day! Every year, Katy makes it her mission to raise epilepsy awareness during the month of March to raise funds for Epilepsy Durham Region and educate the public about this disease. Even though we are social distancing this March, Katy continues with her annual mission! This year Katy's campaign for epilepsy awareness will be the Purple Power Walk: 6 laps on the high school track daily until April 5th (treadmill on rainy days). Wear purple and join her virtually!


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Autism is a neurological disorder involving difficulties relating to and communicating with other persons. About 1/3 of children with autism also have epilepsy. Children with autism often have abnormal EEGs, as do children with epilepsy, which may add to the difficulty of diagnosing each of these conditions in the same child. Other more detailed tests will often be needed to determine whether the child with autism is also exhibiting abnormal brain wave activity because of epilepsy.


For more information and additional resources, visit:


Epilepsy Ontario



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