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Living Well With Epilepsy

What does it mean to live well with epilepsy? It means healthy, fulfilled daily living. It means open, knowledgeable communication about epilepsy at home, at school, and at work. It means dispelling fear and stigma surrounding epilepsy through education and advocacy.


Living Well with Epilepsy is an active choice you can make for yourself and Epilepsy Durham Region can help.


A Parents' Forum...


Nearly one-third of people newly diagnosed each year with epilepsy are children.


Having epilepsy or caring for someone who does can at times be very challenging. As a parent, you know a lot about living with seizures and their impact on family life. Epilepsy Durham Region invites you to meet other parents who know what you are going through. Learn from their experiences and share your own challenges, successes, and coping strategies in a friendly, positive environment.


This volunteer facilitated parent to parent forum is held once a month from October to May and address such topics as Dealing with Epilepsy Day to Day, How your child's school can help, and first response protocol for seizures. Registration is required; please contact the Epilepsy Durham Region Office at 905-430-3090 or support@epilepsydurham.com for more information.


Changing the Face of Epilepsy Lecture Series


If someone you care about has been diagnosed with epilepsy or a seizure disorder, you probably have many questions and concerns. We are here to help you through. We invite you to attend our Changing the Face of Epilepsy Lecture Series. Join our staff and special guest speakers as we address current outdated attitudes as well as challenges and barriers for those touched with epilepsy.


Leaders in neuroscience and qualified health care professionals share their insights as we discuss a variety of issues. Topics may include Dispelling the Myths, Integrated Epilepsy Health Care in Ontario, The Spectrum of Epilepsy, Epilepsy... Employment and the Disability Tax Credit, and Developing your Epilepsy Action Plan. If you have a particular subject you wish to discuss, please email us support@epilepsydurham.com. See News & Events for dates and locations.


Persons living with epilepsy, their families, caregivers, and support systems are invited to attend. Registration is required. Please contact the Epilepsy Durham Region office at 905-430-3090 for more details.


To learn more about how you can foster hope and courage for a better life with epilepsy in the work place or school please see In-Service Seminars.


Contributing Agencies


Epilepsy Durham Region is pleased to recognize organizations who have generously supported community programming benefiting those touched by epilepsy. With ongoing support we will continue to foster hope and courage for a better life with epilepsy. Thank You.

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