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Topic: General Information About Epilepsy

  • Q: What does "epilepsy" mean?
  • Q: Is epilepsy a disease?
  • Q: What is a seizure?
  • Q: What is an aura?
  • Q: When was Epilepsy discovered?

Topic: People with Epilepsy

  • Q: What kind of people have epilepsy?
  • Q: How many people have epilepsy?
  • Q: Does epilepsy strike at any particular age?
  • Q: Does epilepsy occur more in some cultures?

Topic: Types of Seizures

  • Q: Are there different types of seizures?
  • Q: What is the difference between partial and general seizures?
  • Q: What are partial seizures?
  • Q: What are complex partial seizures?
  • Q: What are absence (petit mal) seizures?
  • Q: What are tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizures?
  • Q: What are other types of seizures?
  • Q: What are "status" seizures?
  • Q: What are pseudo-seizures?
  • Q: How do you distinguish epileptic seizures from pseudo-seizures?
  • Q: Can seizures occur if a person does not have epilepsy?
  • Q: What are seizures like?
  • Q: What does it feel like to have a seizure?
  • Q: How long do the seizures last?
  • Q: Is there such a thing as a "minor" case of epilepsy?

Topic: Causes and Triggers

  • Q: What causes epilepsy?
  • Q: Is epilepsy inherited?
  • Q: Is epilepsy contagious?
  • Q: Is it caused by a virus?
  • Q: Can certain things trigger seizures?
  • Q: Can seizures be triggered by flashing lights?
  • Q: Can certain foods or drinks cause seizures?
  • Q: Can lack of sleep cause seizures?
  • Q: Can low blood sugar trigger seizures?
  • Q: Can Nutrasweet (Aspartame) trigger seizures?
  • Q: Does alcohol affect seizures?

Topic: First Aid for Seizures

  • Q: How can I help someone who is having a seizure?
  • Q: What if my child has a seizure during his sleep?

Topic: Diagnosis

  • Q: How is epilepsy diagnosed?
  • Q: What types of doctors can diagnose and treat epilepsy?
  • Q: Can a person with epilepsy have a false negative EEG?
  • Q: Can a person have a false positive EEG for epilepsy.
  • Q: Is my child having absence seizures or just day dreaming?
  • Q: What conditions are sometimes misdiagnosed as epilepsy?
  • Q: Can seizures go unnoticed?

Topic: Treatments

  • Q: Is there a cure for epilepsy?
  • Q: Is it fatal?
  • Q: What kinds of treatments are available?
  • Q: Are there drug treatments for Epilepsy?
  • Q: How do drugs work to control seizures?
  • Q: What drugs are used to treat Epilepsy?
  • Q: How effective are the drug treatments?
  • Q: Do these drugs have side effects?
  • Q: What is a "blood level"?
  • Q: What are the symptoms of too high a drug level - Toxicity?
  • Q: How much do the drugs cost?
  • Q: Is it necessary for all people with epilepsy to be on medication?
  • Q: When is surgery used to treat epilepsy?
  • Q: What is the likelihood that my child will outgrow a seizure disorder?
  • Q: Do non-traditional approaches help?
  • Q: Does transcendental meditation have any effect on Epilepsy?
  • Q: Does biofeedback help?
  • Q: Is there a special diet for people with epilepsy?
  • Q: What is a Ketogenic diet?

Topic: Living with Epilepsy

  • Q: Can people living with epilepsy lead normal lives?
  • Q: What can people with epilepsy do to help their health?
  • Q: Who should know that I have epilepsy?
  • Q: Is there prejudice against people with epilepsy?
  • Q: Are there any problems having children?
  • Q: Can medications for controlling epilepsy harm a nursing baby?
  • Q: Can people living with epilepsy drive a car?
  • Q: Can people living with epilepsy go swimming?
  • Q: Can epilepsy lead to problems at school?
  • Q: Can epilepsy cause emotional problems?
  • Q: Can epilepsy lead to problems with self-esteem?

Topic: Working With Epilepsy

  • Q: What occupations are not appropriate for people with epilepsy?
  • Q: Can people with epilepsy fly a plane?
  • Q: Is there a problem with job safety?
  • Q: Can an employer ask about epilepsy on a job application?
  • Q: Can an employer ask about epilepsy during a job interview?
  • Q: Can I be fired because I have epilepsy?
  • Q: Can people with epilepsy get social assistance?

Topic: Epilepsy and Other Disorders

  • Q: Is epilepsy related to other neurological problems?
  • Q: Is Epilepsy related to mental illness?
  • Q: Can Epilepsy affect intelligence?
  • Q: Is there a link between memory loss and epilepsy?
  • Q: Is Epilepsy related to asthma?
  • Q: Are there any diseases/conditions persons with epilepsy more prone to?

Topic: Miscellaneous

  • Q: Do animals get epilepsy?
  • Q: Can dogs sense a seizure in humans before it occurs?

Topic: More Information

  • Q: Where can I get more information about epilepsy?
  • Q: What books are available on Epilepsy?

FAQ's Adapted from Andrew Patrick, Ph.D. andrew@calvin.dgbt.doc.ca

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