cameron 01Cameron has lived with seizures for six years, seizing every day and every night, which has prevented him from enjoying all the things we take for granted – riding his bike, running with his little brother, or playing his much-loved sport of hockey. Cameron's seizures left us paralyzed with fear and after years of medication failures, he was left with only one option, brain surgery. On May 13th, 2013 our beloved seven year old son Cameron embarked on the climb of his life... he underwent what was to be a life altering brain surgery.


Cameron is one of thousands of children who struggle each day with the uncertainty of what Epilepsy brings. A day in his life could mean a trip to the emergency room and the constant vigil of when the next life threatening seizure will strike. Epilepsy Durham Region has been with us every step of the way offering personalized care and support. Last year they helped more than 31,000 people who have been struggling, like our family. Their programs are designed to help families in crisis and to provide information about Epilepsy in a compassionate and caring way.


Cameron is now seizure free, but his journey is far from over; he has been left with an intellectual disability that will affect his learning capabilities and have an impact on the rest of his life. He is working hard every day to improve his speech, comprehension, coordination and fine motor skills, hoping to one day regain his strength and the ability to enjoy life as a healthy little boy.


You could comfort a family and change their lives forever. With your support Epilepsy Durham Region will work with families and other members of the community to ensure that appropriate treatment is available.


cameron 02cameron 03As Cameron's mom, I would like to thank you for following our family's journey.


Yours in hope,


Alex Shiels
Cameron's Mom

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