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Our Supporters

because a hug is sometimes the most valuable gift...


In partnership with our community, Epilepsy Durham Region (EDR) made our soft plush charity dog Lora the Lavender Labrador available to front line First Responder staff to help comfort individuals facing traumatic situations. Through the Paws for a Cause fundraising initiative, EDR enthusiastically donated 1,900 Lora the Lavender Labrador charity plush dogs on December 17th, 2019 at the Region of Durham Headquarters.


Why Lora?


Our soft plush charity toy was created to help offer comfort and to provide a smile and a hug to someone in need. For some living with epilepsy can be catastrophic, isolating and lonely. When a child undergoes brain surgery to help eradicate debilitating seizures, Lora often accompanies them to hospital. We have seen first-hand, how a random act of kindness can positively affect someone.


“Making these dogs available to First Responders is a way that we, Epilepsy Durham Region, can give back to our community.” says CEO Dianne McKenzie. “Often, First Responders meet our clients before we do. Lora carries a special message and contact information for our office. Whether the person in need has epilepsy or not, a random act of kindness may help to calm a very traumatic situation.”


Epilepsy Durham Region appreciates and understands the everyday pressures of front line First Responders, and in that light, are proud to present them with our 1900 Lora the Lavender Labrador charity plush dogs.


PFC 2019 Distribution


To learn more, please view our year long campaign below




Paws Webpage




In November, 2018, Epilepsy Durham Region launched a new, comprehensive, local Epilepsy Clinic in Durham Region. Encompassed in this initiative is our Clinic to Community program which ensures that individuals and their families living with epilepsy receive the education and support that they need to be partners in their healthcare plan. 


To preserve our local epilepsy programming, Clinic to Community, and the Epilepsy Clinic, we have set a goal of raising $500,000, and we're almost there! Our Task Force, alongside amazing community partners, have raised $477,000 to date...


...but we need your help




In partnership with our community and in an act of compassion, Epilepsy Durham Region is putting our comfort toy, Lora the Lavender Labrador, in the hands of First Responders to help comfort those in traumatic situations.
In disaster and emergencies our First Responders are the first people on the scene when an emergency strikes – when the need arises, Epilepsy Durham Region would like to help our First Responders by providing some comfort.


We have made available 1900 plush toys to be distributed to First Responders throughout Durham Region - this is where you join us...


  1. Download and browse our Paws for a Cause Sponsorship Levels
  2. Contact Epilepsy Durham Region by telephone (905.430.3090) or email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) with your level of choice
  3. Epilepsy Durham Region will take care of the rest - we will ensure that your Lora Dogs are distributed to First Responders!


All proceeds will go towards Epilepsy Durham Region's Clinic to Community program and will preserve our local epilepsy programming.


 Ajax Fire & Emergency Services Send Out A Challenge To All First Responders





Thank You for Helping Us

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