Ajax High School Epilepsy Awareness 13



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Imagine at the end of an exhausting, cold, and dark Wednesday afternoon, six high school students and their teacher come to visit your office.


They are both shy and excited to share with us what they have achieved through their National Epilepsy Awareness Day Campaign. This year they took a unique approach to raising awareness; they created a video which teaches the viewer about what epilepsy is and how Epilepsy Durham Region offers help. While that in itself is inspiring, we are moved beyond words by their sophistication and level of compassion.


As we watched the video alongside the high school students, we are moved by how intent the students are. They have produced a compassionate and inspiring video to teach us all about the world of seizures, but from a unique perspective – one of openness and without judgement. What moved us most was that most of these young people knew very little or nothing at all about epilepsy prior to this project, but embraced the cause whole heartedly; this was demonstrated with their enormous efforts towards selling raffle tickets. "We knew very little about the cause", says one of the students involved, "which made it hard for us to sell our tickets, but we worked really hard to inform as many people as possible." The students involved, all members of the Unlearners Club at Ajax High School, raised a total of $552.75 in support of Epilepsy Durham Region's education programming.



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 We are so proud of the young people at Ajax High School. Thank you for your inspiration, your kindness and leadership. 



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