The Ontario Brain Institute has released an in-depth report this week on Brain Disorders in Ontario. The study was a collaboration between OBI and the Institute for Clinical and Evaluative Sciences (ICES). This research is a rich source of new data on Epilepsy statistics specifically in Ontario.


Some highlights of the report include:


  • 89,867 Ontarians with Epilepsy over a 16 year period (1995-2011)
  • In Ontario, about 6000 people are diagnosed with Epilepsy every year
  • Epilepsy demographics in Ontario: 16% children, 69% adults (up to age 64) and 15% adults (65 yr +)
  • Epilepsy affects people of all ages from infants to seniors with roughly equal distribution in both males and females
  • 24% of people with Epilepsy live in the lowest income neighbourhoods and only 17% live in highest income neighbourhoods
  • Hospital care accounts for 46% of publicly-funded health care costs during the first year with Epilepsy


To read the full report, please visit:

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