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Blog Stamp FebruaryHi there, you all read about how Epilepsy affects the person, how a parent's life gets affects, but what about the siblings?? That's where I'm coming in.

My name is Jonathan Bolanos and I am 14 years old. My brother Julian has Epilepsy, in fact he has three forms of Epilepsy. He wasn't diagnosed until I was 10 and honestly, I really didn't understand what it was. All I knew was that my little brother who was 8 years old would constantly roll his eyes. Mom and dad would bring him back and forth to see his Neurologist and he was on tons of different pills.


A couple years ago however; everything changed in how I feel. Can't remember why but one day both Julian and I were home from school, think it was March Break or something, and Julian was in the washroom. I was playing on my IPad in my room when all of a sudden, both mom and I heard a big bang and then a whole bunch of thumping. I came out of my room and asked my mom, she said just check on Julian.

I opened the door and screamed "Mommy, mommy". Mom jumped up as much as she could with her bad back and hobbled to the washroom. She called out, "OH crap, he is having a tonic-clonic seizure." I was crying because I thought he died when he stopped shaking.

Mom had to drag him out from in between the tub and the toilet and laid him on his side. He looked like he was dead... I was so scared.

Mom had Julian laying on his side and leaning against her knees. She told me I had to be brave. She told me to go get her cell phone and call 911. I took a deep breath and dialed 911. The lady on the other end answered and I said "yeah, my brother just had a seizure and my mom is with him now". She asked me a bunch of questions and I asked my mom. He was asleep, and saliva was coming out of his mouth.


The lady told me that she was sending an ambulance and I said bye. Mom said I did a fantastic job, but now had to call dad who was working in Montreal. So I called dad and told him what had happened. He was going to leave Montreal and meet us at the hospital.


I also should mention that at the time this happened, my mom had a home daycare and she was working. After I called dad, I gave my mom her cell phone and she called the parents of the kids while I played with them to keep them calm.


Minutes later, the ambulance arrived and they took over, Julian was still sleeping and I was really scared but had to keep brave. Mom went in the ambulance with Julian while I went next door with one of the daycare kids to wait for his dad to pick him up. Our next door neighbours are like family to us, so mom knew we would be ok.


That night, around 9pm, mom and dad and Julian all came home. Mom said he was ok, but for the next few days, he was going to be really tired and we need to be really nice with him. That night he just went to bed, but the next day, I made sure my brother was going and to take care of my brother. I laid in his bed and played games with him on our IPads and if he wanted a drink I would get him one.


Now that it's been four years, Julian goes back and forth from Sick Kids Hospital and Toronto East General Hospital for different tests. Mom and dad thought we were finally getting things under control until a few months ago. Julian was sitting at his desk and would just fall asleep. We didn't think about it because the teacher was normally able to wake him up. Or if he had a headache, he would go down to the office and get some meds and lay down there. His "naps" started getting longer and longer, until the school teachers couldn't wake him up. Mom texted me saying she had to rush to the school because they called 911, they couldn't wake him up. Later on, mom texted me a picture saying he was ok, he was in the hospital bed sleeping. Again, hours later dad went to pick them up when he got discharged and they said it was called a drop attack.


As you can see, my brother Julian has been through a lot, and even though he has a lot of bad days, and drives me nuts, I love him no matter what and now that I'm in Grade 9 and have to do volunteer hours, I have chosen to do my hours with the Epilepsy Durham Region. So far, I've helped Dianne at a Charity Golf Event where my mom did a speech thanking all the first responder people, and last summer I volunteered with the Fire Truck Pull. Our team is Team Julian, watch out for us this coming summer. We won two years in a row already, and plan to win again September 2015.


Thanks for reading this.



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