IMG 4640 smallToday was our final 'Celebrity Walk' at the Abilities Centre before we leave for the Grand Canyon. Our team is excited with only 13 more big sleeps until the event.

I arrived at the track on a crisp cool morning eager to complete most of my 24,000 steps before our guests arrived.

I was on a good pace with under 2min / lap, I was pushing along with my 5lb weights in hand when I noticed this woman who has to be my age or a little older, lapping me not walking at my pace, not even working up a sweat.... "How could she be doing this" is she a superwoman....??

I would walk faster, almost at a jog and still I can't get ahead of her.... What the heck.... So I stop, put my weights down and watch.... Turns out she has been only walking half laps and cutting across the track.

So I pick up my weights, smile on my face and push on with my goal of only 20,000 more steps to go. With the support of so many joining us we completed more than 31,000 steps.

It was a great morning.


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